Tuesday, May 26, 2009

But it's not sweet

Love fell away
like dreaming
of dreaming
Surrender, but it's not sweet
dandelion chain
across fallen shoulders
breathe in
sucked out
angels in waiting
cracked sidewalks
twisted trunks
hands on spines
Shaking, but it's not sweet
love fell away
like dreaming
of dreaming

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Craft Swap 1

I did a craft swap through craftster.
I claimed a girl named Claire.
I made a cross stitch flower, with out a pattern and decorated the frame.
I also bought a shrug from the thrift store and freehand embroidered a peacock feather and some swirly stuff.Luckily it fits her perfect.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Beat It.

A lil' Micheal Jackson for a lil' Mykee Shaffer.
Happy Birdday.

Tip-toe through the tulips

My mommas Bday/Mothers Day present.
I didn't like making this. I am not too excited about fairies....but I know Mother will love it.

Are you all in or folding?

I fucking hate how much better at this you are than I am.
I feel like I am becoming a deck of well played cards.
Starts out fun...entertaining...a gamble...a way to waste time...
Maybe I have bet too much, with stakes that are just too high.
I have to stop laying everything on the line.
No one ever wins. I just always hope I will.