Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I am 25 now.

I had a small get together at my house for my 25 birthday. Cupcakes and burritos, two things that make me very happy. Many people I care about showed up.
Each person lit their own candle and stood in line for me to blow it out.
Many of them saying nice things or making wishes for me beforehand.

A few of my presents included:
A whole outfit
A bottle of wine
A record
A pair of maracas
A sweet pair of Adidas
and A boyfriend.

Megan is soooo Cowl.

Megan Kay is one of my very beautiful and very talented friends.
Her birthday was right around the same time as mine.
Being that a huge part of our recent bonding has been at karaoke every Thursday night, we had a karaoke themed party at Cal Neva.
We brought cake and had raided the dollar store for prizes for anyone who got on stage and sang a song.
I gave her some thrifted gloves.
I also knit her a simple cowl out of Malabrigo Worsted in Hummingbird.
The yarn comes in such beautiful colors and knits up so soft and nice.
I almost had a hard time parting with it.
I guess this is the best picture I have.