Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Everything I need.

It feels good to connect.
It feels good to realize,
how much we are all alike.
The little things that make us different.

I have girls.
They are mine; I am theirs.
They are strong.
They are courageous.
They are beautiful.

You lessen my fears.
You make me feel protected, safe and supported.
You are my walls, my shields, my swords.

Friendship can begin with so many things.
You might not see it there, growing, bringing new life.
You may not know the exact moment it was conceived.
It's a beautiful thing; birthing of a bond.
The only type of mothering I need to do right now.
Nourish these with experience.
Watch them evolve, develop, mature, flourish.

We spoke last night, how even if we grow apart.
Even if these don't last forever.
Memories will.

I will hold you close and tight,
and cherish everything.

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