Sunday, January 31, 2010

You gnome what I'm sayin'?

I completely forgot to post photos of my Halloween Costume this year.
Pretty last minute I decided to be a Garden Gnome. I think it was my favorite costume ever.

I thrifted, made and had everything I needed.

Hat- Crocheted in the round out of stash yarn from inherited from my Great Grandma.
Beard- Crocheted base and filled in with fringe, also from inherited stash. I used buttons to connect the beard and hat.
Vest- Thrifted for $2
Animal Suspenders- Thrifted for $2
White long sleeve shirt-Thrifted for $3
Green Shorts- Thrifted for $1
Tights- Owned
Boots- Owned
I also found that the hat and beard has many uses....including elf costumes for Christmas caroling.

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