Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bitter state

I guess 25 is the year that a lot of people seem to make a change. My outlook on life and people has changed. I don't want to say that I am bitter, but I may be. I care far too much about people who do not care for themselves. I care about the potential and talent they waste. The youth and livelihood. I care that they are spending their whole lives, thus far, in a haze, in a black out, that they won't even remember. They have made false connections with people they, in reality, don't even know. Their best friends are really strangers because all they have become are the drugs and booze. They've shoved thousands of dollars up there noses and into their veins. They shake when they haven't had their beer for breakfast. They can't remember the last time their brain was not altered by some substance or another. They've all become so desensitized that nothing is a big deal anymore. It's funny when someone accidentally buys crack instead of coke, and smokes it so they don't waste their money. Their friend drunkenly falls off a building and is at the bar the next night...he just knows how to party. It's all normal.

I've never been a huge party animal...but I have been around a whole lot of them.
It didn't really bother me before. This year I have finally noticed that a good many of them aren't partying to have fun, they are partying to party. The fun is lost. It's gone from bittersweet to a bitter state. It is almost enough for me to stop everything all together. I know that won't change anything. I know that would just make me hate it more, I'd go past bitter and just dry up...and they will all still just be drowning.

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