Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm not saying they were ever "punk rock."

My friends played a show with a once-popular-now-washed-up punk rock band at Gilman this weekend.

Now, while the show was slightly entertaining, it certainly wasn't much to write home about. Not only was the band only semi-decent. They were also into the young girls (when I say young I a mean 13-17, with this guy being in his 40s), sexist, homophobic, and racist. I am not sure if they say things because that's what they believe in or if they do it to just get a rise out of people.

I hate to, but I'll admit, some of the things said, though highly inappropriate, were a little funny. Mostly when it came to the girls. I can't blame the band entirely with the "punk rock" girls onstage shaking their shit, making fools of themselves.

Being that I was hung over I shouldn't be one to talk, but they were obviously strung out. Mr. Frontman also had a very hard attitude to read. One minute he'd be decent, the next he was looking down at you like you were scum.

They went to the office so everyone could be paid. A few bands weren't paid, the ones who got something were thankful....except Mr. Frontman. They weren't happy with $420. They wanted at least $500...but they'd take up to $29,000. (Apparently Canada throws money at them.)
I'm not upset that I didn't pay to get in.

I understand everyone is just trying to make a living doing what they love. I'm all for that. The thing is, it was much less about what they loved and more about making a living. Fucking rock star.
How punk rock.

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Yell said...

haha, and I left before they played.

I'm soooo punk rock. ;)