Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I wanted fire.

My cold eyes. Your cool looks.
I wanted to dance with the devil.
I wanted fire, I wanted disaster.

You stretched. I watched.
Only sin crosses my mind.
I saw your hips, thought of mine.

You looked. I smiled.
I talked of something vulgar.
A demon, I want to be possessed.

Finger graze. Minds decide.
You smell of cigarettes and beer.
In other words, perfect.

Lips touched. Skin touched.
Deathly, but exactly what I wanted.
Your lungs filled with earthquakes.

You shook. I shuddered.
Heaven wont accept me now.
Goosebumps, a constant reminder.

Your warm hands. My cold feet.
Hell is the perfect place for me.
I wanted fire, I wanted disaster.

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