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Six Month Special

Column one: Self
Page of Wands- Feeling More Creative
Dawning of creativity and upsurge of energy
Expect short journeys, invitations, and lively conversation

Five of Swords- Limitation, Power
Often indicates failure or loss of some kind
Usually accompanied by a sense of being limited in some way
However from these limitations a new direction will come
When surrounded with positive cards, indicates any loss or
disappointment sustained is minor.

King of Cups- Imaginative, emotional, charismatic
Highly intuitive
Found magnetic yet difficult
Makes decisions because they "feel right"
Makes a dangerous enemy, able to wait for revenge
When in love, highly-sexed and emotional
Sensitivity is both a blessing and a curse
Rarely boring or predictable

Column Two: What's Closest Two You
Queen of Wands- Warm, Light and loyal
Independent, charismatic, generous, hospitable, good company
Always full of bright ideas, often inspiring, positive thinker
When in love, passionate and sensual
Brings a sense of humor to her relationships
Rarely bad-tempered for long
Needs admiration and reassurance, deep down lacks confidence
Hates being taken for granted.
Is frightened and may be driven away with possessive behavior

The Devil
Represents the material world, which is neither good nor evil
May be entering a phase where money and material well being become more important
Warns against trying to buy friendship or love
There is a danger that you or someone in your life will use money as a means to control others
Linked with lust and sometimes overwhelming physical desire
Powerful sexual attraction may be irresistible, but it may not be love
You could find yourself obsessed with your object of desire
You should probably learn something about your own animal nature, but a lasting partner may
may not be the outcome of this union

Three of Swords- Heartache
Usually bring tears in its wake
Are often preceded by romantic interludes and irresistible sexual attractions
Sometimes suggests "the eternal triangle" in which at least one of the participants must
inevitably get hurt in the end
Relationships foretold by this card are often in the mind
Those involved are seeking something beyond themselves
Enlightenment might come out of this painful episode

Column Three: Hope and Fears or Dreams and Wishes
Nine of Swords- Oppression, Fear and Anxiety
Represents a negative plateau, a dark place full of fear and suffering
Accumulation of stress and worry
Sleep patterns may be disturbed by nightmares, high anxiety, feeling of vague danger
Sometimes represents real sickness, painful love relationships or recent bereavement
Problems must be faced up to and vanquished
Invariably a complex situation

Four of Swords- Rest and Recuperation
The idea of stability through rest
Rest and recuperation are required when this card is drawn
A fairly desperate plea for peace and quiet
Should always be taken seriously, unplug the telephone, stop going out every night, and take it
easy for a while

Four of Wands- Harvest and Prosperity
Represents a successful and abundant harvest
This harvest is often translated into material items
Powerful sense of security is signified
This may manifest as an intuitive feeling of faith in yourself, a sense of inner harmony
Indicates that reasoning abilities are productively combined with intuition

Column Four: What You Expect
When you draw this card it is certain that something will come to an end
This experience may be painful and difficult to come to terms with
Resistance to this change may work for a time, but not forever
Death promises that transformation will follow
Some old and outworn part of yourself is dying, your circumstances will eventually reflect this
This card cannot be taken lightly
Major changes lie ahead, you may require time to mourn what you are leaving behind
Promises new life once you are free of the old one
Rarely does it mean physical death
Can signify a loss: a relationship fail, an end of a friendship, job lost

The Magician-Reversed
You are unable to make a choice
You have been unable or unwilling to see things through to their conclusion
Sometimes these difficulties seem to have been caused by someone else
Some negative force or person is blocking your path and you may feel lacking in inspiration or

Four of Pentacles- Financial Security
There will soon be money in the bank
A period of financial stability is coming, you should be able to make some lasting improvements
in your circumstances
Does not indicate fabulous wealth, but speaks of continuing comfort and an income which cover
all your outgoings and leaves you with sufficient cash to enjoy yourself too
When it relates to work, it usually suggests a slow-but-sure increase in power and responsibility
Improvements and advancements are lasting, but made in a gradual way
There is nothing exciting, sudden or lucky about them

Column Five: What You Do Not Expect
The Pope
You may be going to the university as a teacher or a student
It suggests someone who pays greater attention to outer details
You or someone close to you may be very attracted to an orthodox religion
Can be overly concerned about what others think
Marriage is another meaning of this card
When The Pope manifests as a person they may be a gifted teacher, priest, mentor or
Such a person has entered your life to open a mental door for you, revealing what lies beyond
Can also signify an old friend, often someone who is older, who is able to give you sound advice
You also want your role defined clearly, whether in a relationship, or at work

Nine of Cups-Fulfillment and Well-being
An extremely positive and radiant card
Suggest contentment, physical health, and success
A creative and emotional peak has been reached, your dreams are about to come true, there is
a joyful quality to life
Emotionally your relationships are particularly fulfilling
Love flows easily between partners, close family and friends
There is no sense of frustration or lack, and communications reach new and intimate depths
Creatively, ideas are coming easily and there is plenty of energy to implement them
Something you have wrestled with for a long time may now go smoothly and effortlessly at last

The World
You have reached the end of a cycle in your life, there is a sense of completion and
You may have successfully integrated some previously-dormant aspect of your personality
and become a more fully-rounded person
Although a cycle is ending, and a door is closing, it is a time for celebration
May also manifest as a journey, new home, or new place of work
You are literally being given a chance to see more of the world we live in
Journeys signified by this card will inspire you, expand your knowledge, and bring insight and
When referring to a new home, it denotes a change for the better

Column Six: Near Future
Seven of Pentacles-Gestation
Many worries often accompanying a period of very hard work
You may be wondering how to pay back a loan
These fears are groundless in the long term
If you are doing work which brings fulfillment, it will expand and grow
This points to slow growth, seeds have been sown but there is no sign as yet that they have
Points to a tiring time, when you work and work for little monetary gain
It may seem pointless
You may feel like you've thrown away your money or talents
These disappointments are usually illusory

Three of Pentacles- Success Through Skill
The time and effort put in has increased the person's value in the market-place, for she is now
confident and on the way to becoming established
Suggests that all this effort will be rewarded shortly
Material gain of some kind is most likely, although don't expect large sums

The Emperor
Represents structure and the type of power which arises from it
Symbolizes wordly achievement, and the competitive qualities and drive it takes to make your
You may be in a position where others look to you for direction
You are ambitious and can make logical plans to ensure your success
You could be dealing with authority in some shape or form
In terms of career, signifies that you prefer to be boss and are not a natural employee
Physically, this card relates to the head, headaches, and accidents affecting that part of the body
Sexually, it is the card of the hunter and seducer of either sex who usually gets what she wants,
and tends to be a dominate partner
Blocked emotions find an outlet in passionate sex

Column Six: Further Future
Queen of Swords- Reversed- A dangerous gossip, lonely and bitter
Represents an enemy who is secretly spreading gossip about you
In this position she suggests a troublesome woman who may be motivated by jealousy or sheer
She can be dangerous, for she is clever
This can also indicate a woman who has an unhappy emotional life
Can suggest a miserable woman who is bitter about men, sex and love in general

Two of Pentacles- Financial Balance and Fluctuating Fortunes
Signifies some sort of financial, material or practical balancing
You may have to take on extra work in order to pay for a holiday or special treat
You find yourself juggling two bank accounts or earning two sources of income
Its likely that some money will be made available shortly, or you will receive partial help which
will enable you to pursue a particular project
When this help materializes, do not abuse or ignore it
You are being given a chance to develop a second string to your bow
You may find that you are entertaining lavishly one month and living on spaghetti the next

Eight of Pentacles- New Skills
Primarily relating to work and practical abilities
Signifies training, apprenticeship, or further education of some kind
It denotes all kinds of courses, especially those which are taken as part of an existing career
Knowledge and skills are being expanded, added to or brushed up in some way
Evening classes are sometimes suggested

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