Thursday, March 19, 2009

Make Believe

I had a dream that we spent all day under covers.
Cozy and comfortable.
When we finally stepped out into the world it was still.
We walked a while, stopping every few steps due to my distractions.
Eyes wide and giggling.
You trying to keep me on track.
Besides the occasional pigeon we were the only noise.
But we didn't notice.
I picked up a caterpillar and carried him until we found a tree.
I complained that it was too small to climb and set him on a leaf.
Still no one.
We still didn't notice.
We found a patch of green, green grass.
Laid on our backs and watched the clouds.
We saw the same things forming.
I made up stories of magical carpets and far away lands.
You told me it's all make believe.
Everything is make believe.
I cried and said it wasn't.
You caught what tears you could.
Assuring me that sometimes even make believe is real.

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