Monday, July 6, 2009

Comfortably Unhappy

It seems there is a time coming that I am not ready for.
It looks like growing up and moving on is a blink away.

I am not sure when the time comes that you have to stop counting on other people.
I feel like that time was always there.
I can be independent.

Sometimes you just end up in a comfortable situation and forget.
It is no ones fault. It is all circumstance.
Comfort stops people from doing a lot.

Your job sucks, but its comfortable, so you don't look for another.

You have friends who suck the life out of you, but hey, friends are comfortable, so you keep them.

These socks have so many holes, but they are the most comfortable, I wear them.

A relationship may not be right, but it is comfortable, so you stay.

The couch is just so comfortable, so you don't get up.

Reno is comfortable, so I haven't left.

It is difficult to know you need change but not know what it is or how to get there.
It is too scary to even start.
What is already known is routine and stable.

Being comfortably unhappy just seems too easy.

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