Monday, June 21, 2010

You said yes.

I love looking through craigslist or ebay at the engagement/wedding rings for sale.
Not because I am a hopeless romantic and I am shopping for a ring of my own but
because I like the little reasons that the seller often adds for selling.

some examples:
-I'm very sad it has to go, but were on hold indefinitely so theres no point in hanging on to it.
-Never proposed to her --- held onto the ring.
-( the wedding is off in case your wondering)
-was from previous marriage dont need anymore want to get rid of.
-There is no bad story to go with this ring and the ring has NEVER been used or worn. I just had extra money awhile back and decided to spend it on something that could possibly be useful in the future rather then blow it. Well, now I have to move and need some cash for my i've decided to sell the ring.
-This ring was purchased but never presented
-only worn for a couple of weeks. Its too much for my taste...
-Was given to me as a gift but never fit my finger.
-I Bought this princess cut engagement ring for $4000 and never proposed with it. I need the $ and the ring is useless to me now.

Sure, there are your fair share of rings sold by bitter women, but I am always surprised at how many men are selling rings that they purchased and then never proposed.

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