Sunday, September 12, 2010

To pee or not to pee!

As someone who has a bladder about the size of an acorn, going to the movies can be quite the hassle. With all their action and suspense, movies stress me out as it is, so when I have to pee....I really have to pee. I also really hate missing anything, so if I am left to figure out when to go scurrying down the aisles and into the bathroom I make it with mere seconds to spare.

This is where this website becomes my best friend!

They tell you exactly when is the best time to go! They also give you more than one option just in case you miss the first. They break it down to the minute when you can go, how long you have and clue you in with the line that is spoken right before.

A friend to going pee is a friend to me!

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