Sunday, December 30, 2007

The beginning of 2007:
Nothing exciting.
Life was somewhat stagnant.
Nothing new...everything old.

The middle of 2007:
I got a new job.
I started to question.
Started to feel trapped.

The end of 2007:
Completely flipped me upside down.

I do not feel like a gained a whole lot this year.
I made a few a new job....learned a
few lessons..but it doesn't feel like nearly enough
for a whole year.

Here are my goals for 2008:

Experience- everything.
Learn- many things.
Grow- friendships.
Me- comes first.
Breathe- take the time to.
Laugh- every chance I get.
Lose- my fears and inhibitions.
Dream- my own dreams.
Honest- with myself.
Dance- like crazy.
Kiss- need I say why.
Read- its good for my imagination.
Create- to help calm.
Forgive- I am to tired of caring.
Love- those who deserve it.
Travel- freedom and fun.
Focus- on where I need to be.
Write- to me.
Walk- less.
Feel- even if it hurts.

I may add more later.
Happy New Years!
I hear '08 is so hot right now.

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