Thursday, December 6, 2007

Probably always were...

UGGGGH.......You sure are making it easy to not care about you.
So much for great terms.
I knew it was too easy.

You make me feel like USING someone.
It makes me feel horrible.
It makes me feel like you.

Here's my start on having no emotion.
If only it was that easy.

You are fake. Probably always were.

Either she doesn't know you...or I never did.
I am pretty sure she doesn't know you.
I saw you through a lot. You were pretty consistent.

I saw you through addiction. You quit opiates.
I didnt do that for me. I did it for you.
I was there...for you.
Those pills will always be more important to you.
Even if you aren't currently taking them, you'll eventually be back.
I quit smoking...
you were jealous.
So much for support.
So much like our relationship.
I was weren't.

Im so happy you like to crawl backwards instead of leaping forwards.
I won't be doing that.
Thats one reason we are over.
You may like repeating past.
I am not going to be doing that.
Your fake. Probably always were.

I don't want to talk.
I just want the key back to MY house.
I'll keep your dog.
I dont mind.
You can barely take care of yourself.
You couldn't take care of me.
Even in the smallest ways.

I never asked for much.
Good luck with your foreign love.
She doesn't know you....the real you.
You are fake. Probably always were.
You can have your poem back.
You can give it to her.

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Yell said...

I hate when things sour.